New Year’s Resolution

This year I resolve to live with my pain, but not with suffering.



It may be an uphill battle…

…but I am fighting it!

I saw chiropractor today and magic was worked. I always enjoy our visits because she takes the time to talk to me and help me work through my issues.

I left chiropractor feeling a little relief and much looser, especially my neck. I got home and ate then I got a terrible headache along with neck pain. It was one of the skull crushing headaches, only this time it felt like I also had a clamp pinching the top of the neck/base if my skull. And I felt like I had something tightening down on the vertebra in my neck and upper back. Intense is an understatement.

I laid down in attempts to get some relief and sleep. I was unable to sleep and after awhile I got up. Pushing through the pain, I stayed up and sat around.

I started to feel a stabbing pain up under the base if my skull on the left side when BAM! it hit me. Use the spoon.

The spoon? What spoon?
Oh dear friends! Allow me to enlighten you!

The spoon is a medical meso soup spoon. That’s right, eastern medicine is very practical- eat your soup and help alleviate your pain!!

So back to why I am in love with my spoon.

What I do with the spoon is scrape the back of my head, neck, and back. Simple enough, right? this this in no joke. It is AMAZING.

I have also used the handle end of the spoon to release some muscles inside my mouth the help alleviate my jaw clenching.

Seriously everyone, this thing is a life saver. Thank you to acupuncturist for introducing me to it and thank you to chiropractor for giving me additional uses for it. I have decided I will go no where without it.

It did not get rid of all my pain but I am feeling significant pain relief. I will take it!!