New Year’s Resolution

This year I resolve to live with my pain, but not with suffering.



Getting Somewhere

Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please, I have an announcement.

I saw a new acupuncturist who may have an explanation for why I am not seeing any improvement. Acupuncturist 2 thinks I may be blood deficient. Basically, what this means is that I am not producing a high enough volume of blood. You may be thinking, “COOL. What does that really mean?!” (I know I was) Acupuncturist 2 said that because the volume of blood in my system is low it is not able to effectively circulate through and nourish my muscle and bone tissues. Therefore, they cannot make any forward progress in the healing process.

How did Acupuncturist 2 render this diagnosis? The symptoms I am showing that support the blood deficient diagnosis include trouble sleeping (both falling asleep and staying asleep), dry skin, and hair loss. Let me clarify this hair loss symptom—my hair falls out easily and often, I am by no means goes bald, though every day I am amazed by my think head of hair and the hair all over the bathroom. I am pretty sure I could be producing one wig per week with the hair that naturally falls out.

ANYHOW. I am working towards increasing my blood volume. To do this I am adding certain foods to my diet, in addition I am cutting out some foods that may be causing some other symptoms—like an overall heavy/down feeling. In the link above that contains some more information on blood deficiency it lists some foods that can boost your blood volume. Acupuncturist 2 also recommended some supplements that I am going to give a try.

I have a follow-up appointment in a few weeks to see if this helps, wish me luck!!