Minor Setback

In these last couple of weeks, my health has been getting increasingly worse. My condition that was in remission as of December 2013, is showing horrifying symptoms again and well I’m in a panic. I do not know where to go from here. I’ve been working on another much longer post about the topic but haven’t remotely felt well enough to finish it–so one day I’ll get around to posting it.

However, I want to ask anyone and everyone if they have ever experienced the “feel worse before you feel better” after acupuncture. I don’t know if my ailments lately have been directly due to acupuncture but two of my worst days were days immediately following the day I had acupuncture. I seriously do not think this is the case, but I wanted to see if anyone else experienced this in some form or fashion. I felt half human after my last session on Saturday and then about 5 hour later my body was overcome with pain. The next day I was in more pain, throwing up, fever, and body aches. I know it sounds like a bug, and that is what I hope it was but I will see after going to see the acupuncturists this weekend. I will hopefully not have the same or similar symptoms. I would really appreciate it if anyone could share or would like to share their experience after acupuncture especially if at first it made them feel bad before it made them feel better. It seems to take me a few days to feel good and then I start to feel bad again towards the end of the week. So the middle of the week is decent when the beginning and end are terrible. Does anyone suggest anything?

On a happier note, my acupuncturist gave me an oral herbal supplement to help with some of my internal bleeding. I took it today and the pain I was feeling subsided a little and I actually felt like I could continue to be at work which was a relief. I have faith that these herbs will help me because my symptoms are terrifying me right now because I do NOT want to be hospitalized over this again, I refuse, but I don’t know where to go from here.

Like I said, I don’t think it is the cause of all my pain and stomach issues but I am just curious to see if anyone else had a similar story. I will keep you posted after I go this weekend.



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