As most of you probably do, I have a good friend, Becky, that is always very critical and frankly pretty negative at times. In her defense she is in the PR field which trains you to plan for the worst in order to respond appropriately. However, she is a very caring and loyal friend. However, sometimes her comments are not really coddling material, if you know what I mean. But in our friendship, it works because I am not really of a hyper sensitive nature. With that being said, she does not always understand my journey to find relief for my pain. She has empathy when I am in pain but focuses more on all that I sacrifice and give up rather than what I can or will gain by not having things like alcohol, certain foods, paying more for things like treatments and food, etc.

I also feel a brief background story is needed before I come to my topic of a revelation. In October, Becky’s friend’s son was diagnosed with leukemia. The boy has fought a long hard battle. She’s made several 8 hour trips up here to see him and be with him while he was in the hospital. I mention not because I am spiteful but in relevance to the story. When I was in the hospital due to my health issues and pain, she was not able to come at that time–she did say she wished she would have been able to. The boy’s count was low enough to leave the hospital about 2 months later after doing chemo. However, recently it has been aggressively been increasing. There are two choices, 1) Try a stronger chemo which could potential kill him or 2) Not try a stronger chemo and the cancer could potentially take over. Becky visited them last weekend to spend time with the boy and his family.

Her best friend has the boy on a new diet, similar to mine. She too is trying to find a more natural way to help with the process, it might not heal but it could not hurt. So when Becky went grocery shopping with her she got a small dose of what it is I go through when I go to buy groceries.

I had a break through with Becky. She called me on her way home and told me that she is starting to understand my sacrifices on a small scale. She told me about her shopping experience with her best friend and how expensive, difficult, and good it made her feel after eating healthier for that weekend. This is the first time that I heard her sound optimistic towards the things I was trying to accomplish rather than focusing on the negative of it. She still says that she could never do all of it and that is understandable. I wouldn’t have eliminated all the foods I have if I didn’t need to in order to feel better. It was such a humbling and rewarding experience for a friend with no chronic pain or stomach issues to slightly understand on more than a pitty level. It is hard to explain in words how our conversation was different because on the surface it still seems she focused on the negative aspects but it was comforting to see that she saw that small gleam of hope that this could be something. That is all you need, a small sliver of hope in something.

I’m proud to say that she is now on a new journey to become healthier. Her journey is more weight related than terminal illness but either way they are both important journeys to becoming the best you possible. I will continue to be her support through the process. It was no easy or quick task to eliminate all the foods that manipulate your body is addicted to and craves. She is also starting to believe that she is battling infertility as a newly wed couple that has been trying for 9 months to get pregnant. I sent her an article about essential oils and infertility and she was surprising open and receptive to the concept. She wants to learn more, and I’m for fortunate to be able to help guide her and learn myself. That is the beauty of the body, it has such healing powers if you provide it the right tools. So my belief in the essential oils might not cure all ailments but as I said before and will continue to say, it can’t hurt to try.



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