Protein Bars/Pain Update

It has been about a week since my pain decided to grace me with its presence. This week I am not eating any of my protein bars (contain peanuts) to see if that would help eliminate that as a possible for the pain returning.

I drive 80 plus miles a day for work, and in the car one of the easiest things to eat when you can’t stop is my protein bar. Plus, it is kind of indulgent of me because it is the closest thing I can have to a cookie tasting item. So I’ve been eating an average of 2 per day. I usually try to not let myself go over but sometimes I am working from 8 to 8 and do not have much time for a break. Excuses, excuses–I know.

Verdict: So far, I have not experienced much difference. My pain was extreme Friday as we discussed, and Saturday I had both those massages which I think ultimately helped. Sunday and Monday my pain was noticeable but not crippling. Tuesday it was a little more intense but I also had a few more stressful occurrences yesterday than normal between work and trying to get an oil change so that could be the culprit or it could be the fact it went from 70’s to 30’s overnight.

Today my pain is in full swing again, like last Friday. The best way to describe the pain is to imagine your bone trying to pull your muscle away from your skin while twisting and pulling your muscles downward. I guess a simpler image would be hundreds of knives penetrating the skin and making thousands of 1 inch slits, not to be dramatic or anything.

I will update if I have any new realizations.



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