Chronic sinusitis

I went to my second follow up with my ENT after my sinus surgery back in the summer. The surgery was to help correct my nasal passage flow because I was diagnosed with Chronic Sinusitis. He told me at my last visit that I would not start feeling complete relief until about this time, November. I had to give the surgery and new passage ways time to heal and my body acclimated with the new flow.

I told him that my sinus pressure was better than the last time I visited, it wasn’t completely gone because sometimes I got severe pressure. I figured that was from the weather changing. I also explained that about 2-4 every day for the last 3 weeks, I have become severely congested to the point I cannot breathe out of my nose. My doctor thought this was unusual and one thing came to mind about this same time frame. This is the same time frame when your body has a natural dip in cortisol (I believe that is what he said, correct me if I’m wrong). That is why everyone experiences a lull at around 3 p.m. in the afternoon. He suggested that I use a nasal spray with cortisol that will hopefully proactively avoid the congestion. I was using a nasal spray decongestant to help relief the congestion and then I’d be fine until 2-4 the next day. So I will try this nose spray for two weeks and report back to see if it helps.

I will update if I find out good or poor results with this. Here is to having less sinus pressure and headaches!



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