4 Pain Myths, Busted

I have learned a lot on this pain journey and knew little about chronic pain when I started. The responses to these myths is a good starting point to understanding chronic pain.

Minnesota Physical Medicine Blog

pain mythsPain is a complex beast. Since it’s based on subjective factors, each person experiences pain differently than the next. If two people break their arms under exactly the same circumstances, their perception of pain will undoubtedly be different.

With this subjectivity comes a lot of misconceptions and myths about pain. These myths often lead to societal “rules” and mantras that, in reality, are not based in fact. Here are some common pain myths, and the truths behind them:

  1. No pain, no gain. This is a common mantra amongst athletes who believe that they must push their bodies to the point of pain in order to improve. This is incorrect. If your exercise routine is causing you pain beyond simple muscle soreness, it’s probably not a good thing. Listen to your body, and seek medical help if you hurt yourself during exercise.
  2. Going to the doctor won’t help. Some people who…

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