Full swing

My chronic pain came back in full swing last night after two almost pain free months. It hit me like a truck really. I got out of my work vehicle and could hardly walk. I got into my personal vehicle and went home to only be countered with some dreadful stairs. To let you understand the magnitude of the pain, in the last two months running up and down the stairs and doing a multitude of other exercises on these same stairs to only be met with the torture to simply walk up them.

I digress, today was a blessing in disguise really. I had schedule a sinus massage and a 90 minute massage for today, both a brilliant idea considering the painful circumstances. The sinus massage simply helps with a different kind of chronic pain I’ve been trying to relieve all year (plus some). I have chronic sinusitis, so when I found the Groupon for a sinus massage I was all about trying it. I really enjoy the lady I go to. It is a 30 minute session that you get a sinus massage and 30 minutes in a steam tent to help your body detoxify. It is the best feeling in the world. You are energized after and this time I did it I literally could feel the bad toxins in my pained legs leaving my body–maybe not completely but enough.

The lady that does my sinus massage also juices, we started talking about that the last time I came and we continued our conversation. I told her a little about my story and how I needed that detox today for my legs. She said to me “I love clients like you who listen to their body.” I told her that I didn’t always listen but after being hospitalized you learn quickly that BODY KNOWS BEST. She agreed and told me you’d be surprised about how many people don’t.

After my sinus massage I had some lunch and went to my 90 minute massage with one of my favorite massage therapists. She has the perfect pressure to fit my needs. I normally like to get a guy to do it because of the pressure but my spa only has female massage therapists, and my therapist is wonderful. Enough about her, let’s talk about results. In my 90 minute massage, I asked her to work on my legs (hold the most pain/tension right now), my back/shoulders, and hands. I spent a blissful half an hour on that table completely relieved. The pressure was perfect for my pain and really helped my legs feel better for the rest of the day. Now, as wonderful as it would be to be able to afford both massages once a week or even once a month, it is not practical at all.

I was thinking about what could have caused this pain to come back with such force after being pretty mild the last two months, of course my first reaction is always what was different about what I ate. I am a FIRM believer that changing your diet can potentially change your life. I am living proof of that and I will continue to be until the day I die. I’ve already cut out gluten/wheat, processed sugar, and a multitude of other items but I am currently working on removing dairy from my diet and I’ve been contemplating removing egg, garlic, and peanuts.

The only difference in diet lately was adding mushrooms to more meals I consume and eating a lot of Quest Bars which the flavor I buy has peanuts in it. So I’m currently going to see if it is an overload on peanuts (I have been snacking on them a lot lately) or if it something else. The weather hasn’t really changed but the weather usually gets cold one day and nice the next. It can never make up its mind.

I will keep you all informed as I go through this journey of finding out why my pain has returned. Even though I’m super frustrated that I have to deal with this pain again (when I was teased with the idea it could be gone for 2 months), I must somehow not lose hope and stay positive.




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