Restless life

The constant struggle with chronic pain is in no way aided by evasive or interrupted sleep.

I feel like I haven’t slept in days, and to some extent that is true. I honestly cannot remember my last full night of sleep. I am writing this after two very “walking dead” sort of days, yet I am still unable to sleep. I am trying several herbal remedies to rectify this situation in addition to attempting to regulate my sleep schedule. Nothing is more frustrating than doing everything the doctors tell you to do without seeing the desired result.

I posted a little while ago about submitting a request for a regular schedule and I was granted this effective yesterday. My employers joyfully came to my new desk yesterday morning to ask “Do you feel as though a burden has been lifted?” There was some confusion on my boss’ face as I attempted to stifle my laugh. All I could think was “I have been on this new schedule for literally 2 hours.” And just as my boss assumed this would be my miracle cure, I was hoping for some more immediate relief.

I sometimes struggle to understand thedynamic of my pain-how all the pieces fit together to create this beast. As Natalie stated, you cannot let this pain define you. On some level, I refuse to accept this pain as part of me, even though I know I need to in order to move on. I am working on an acceptance and commitment therapy which (surprise, surprise) relies heavily on your ability to accept your life with pain and learn to manage it effectively.

It is times like these, when I lie awake at night, that I really struggle with this concept.


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