Waiting room

I am not sure how much time I have spent in waiting rooms, but here are some of the things that happen while I wait:

A nurse working with an interpreter and a patient who does not speak English to fill out the intake pain indicator sheet (you would think they were planning brain surgery)

A guy eating the crunchiest lunch I have ever heard (doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I usually have a terrible head ache and would like to be able to relax while I wait for an appointment and not listen to your every bite)

A woman came in and weighed herself, washed her hands (yes, both of these things are available in the waiting room), and proceeded to read aloud to herself. (picture my face)

Pet peeve- people engaging in conversation across the waiting room. The pain clinic should be a place for restful silence.

A guy having a very in depth conversation on his cell phone…seriously? Take it outside buddy.

Incessant texting without silencing the click of the buttons (click clickclickclick clickclick click clickclickclickclick)



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